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When you interact with the Matrix you do it through three different modes. Augmented Reality is grounded in both the meat world and the virtual one. The two big ones are Cold-Sim and Hot-Sim virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

In AR you can’t take biofeedback damage but you do suffer some major penalties because you aren’t jacked in. Your attention is focused on the AR and not on your surroundings while operating heavily in AR. Icons and avatars are lagged and jerky compared to VR users. Because of this fact, characters use their meat world initiative score and normal initiative dice pool. While in AR your perception tests suffer a -2 dice pool.

Cold-Sim VR

While in VR your physical sense are turned off to allow for full immersion in the Matrix. Your meat body appears asleep while in VR. Compared to Hot-sim you have a slightly slower connection, but that’s because all your input is filtered through your module. You get +3D6 for your initiative dice pool while in Cold-Sim and any damage from biofeedback is stun damage.

Hot-Sim VR

This is the mode that takes the gloves completely off. Characters are able to sense and feel the Matrix in its entirety. Similar to BTLs, plunging headlong into Hot-Sim VR can become addictive due to colors, details and sensory inputs are extremely heightened beyond normal levels. Now the real bitch is that you receive biofeedback as physical damage. Running in this mode is potentially lethal so use it with caution. The bonus is that your actions are enhanced significantly while you are in this mode. You get +4D6 for your initiative dice pool while in Hot-Sim and +2 dice pool to all Matrix actions. Any damage from biofeedback is physical damage.

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