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This campaign guide is designed to act as both a quick reference guide to the rules and also the world of Shadowrun, specifically Seattle and the surrounding Salish-Shidhe Council lands. The campaign will be focused on Seattle for the most part, but the surrounding AmerIndian lands and politics will influence the events that take place within the United Canadian and American States’ (UCAS) only western port city.

The major rule sets of Shadowrun are within the Rules Reference. This section is only intended to speed game play and not to act as a replacement for the rule books available for purchase at your local game store by Catalyst Games. The intricate rules are only available to the gamemaster (GM) in order to expedite in-game performance and ensure quality focus on storytelling.

The World Guide section is an almanac of all the areas of the campaign setting: Seattle’s major sections, including a detailed look at Downtown Seattle and the Redmond Barrens (the major areas where most of the game will be played), the major power-players in those areas (including the Big Ten megacoporations), and the criminal Underworld.

Main Page

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