Grids have an effect on shadowrunners because where you are matters on how well you can do the job. Think of a grid as a cell phone carrier. You can access the Matrix, but what you can do and how is governed by your grid’s internal policies.

There are three types of grids: Public, Local, and Global.


  • A street gang will be on the public grid.
  • The city security force will be on the local grid.
  • That Azzie strike force is definitely using the Big A’s global grid to track your movements. They probably already have access to the local grid in your city too and could buy the public grid access in a heartbeat so that’s covered also. Good luck hiding Chummer.

What that means for shadowrunners

Being off-grid means that players suffer a -2 dice pool to all actions while attempting actions off-grid. This does not mean that you aren’t in the Matrix. It means that you aren’t on their network and are trying to remotely hack the target. This doesn’t apply once inside hosts, they are universal to the Matrix.

Think of a grid as your cell network while a host is the webpage. It’s a lot easier to hack the site when you’re within the server’s grid then to hack through layers of security remotely.

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