Rules Reference

The areas below are simple references explaining the basics of each areas rules, how to do basic actions in each area of the rules, and how your character can make a life in the shadows of the Sixth World of Seattle.

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Who your character is and what they can do.

When doing things in Shadowrun, it’s often left to chance. No matter how well you plan for a run, shit’s going to hit the fan and the other side is going to resist your stealing, destroying and generally fucking up their agendas. Knowing what you’re capable of and how to do the basics goes a long way to enjoying the game overall.

Races in the Sixth World
Using Skills
How Combat Works
The Matrix
Electronic Warfare
Working with Magic

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Life in the shadows of Seattle

You’ve got rent due and need to make some quick cash to keep the tenement manager off your back. You need a job and you need it yesterday. These links will help with how your network of people you know can help in getting a job, equipping the team, getting to the site and screwing over your target in time to haul ass out and fence the spoils.
How Contacts Work
How to Sell the Loot

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What can I do after the run?

You just got the rent paid for another month and made enough for another meal at a low-income restaurant as opposed to that shit from the local Stuffer Shack. It’s time to kick back, relax and watch something on the trideo screen…maybe some Monday Night Urban Brawl on ESPN…“brought to you by Horizon Group and sponsored in part by Bud Light beer and OrkJoos energy drink.”

Our off-time is often bogged down with in-game mechanics about advancing our character sheets, getting more skills, better gear and other stuff, but little on what our characters do when their not blowing shit up and making life hell for some wage-slave security sergeant who’s “…too damn old for this shit!” or “…have two weeks left to retirement!” Take a look at these pages for ideas on fleshing out what your character does on their well earned downtime. These are also topics that will pepper the world around you as you interact with the it. What’s on the billboards, the AROs, the trideo playing in the background of the bar your looking for your Mr. Johnson in? You’re offered a drink, but what type will get you a side look or a look of admiration? That ork in the corner is slurping noodles, but the elf is eating a juicy steak with a baked potato and sporting a Tir lapel pin. Which is fronting and which is legit? Get to know your environment and you’ll gain the edge to run the shadows well.

Video games
Pop Culture
National News

Rules Reference

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